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Full House Carpets Price Guarantee


We 100% believe in the quality and pricing of our product, so we thought why not show it!

We’re that confident that you won’t find a better price anywhere else for your full house flooring deals that we are now offering a £1000 cashback guarantee.

If that isn’t enough, you will also get your carpet completely free as well!

You don’t need huge and expensive stores to offer a great quality product and price – and we are here to prove it. Book a free appointment now for your bespoke whole house carpet deal and you can find out for yourself.

Our experienced surveyor will take the measurements you require and show you our flooring samples to choose from. They will also bring along our vinyl, laminate and underlay options so you can start upgrading your home just the way you want it.

Offer Terms and Conditions:

Offer: “If 699 Full House Carpets can’t do a better, like for like on the floor carpet deal, we will give you the carpet free and £1000”.

To qualify for the above offer you have to produce a written quotation for exactly the same carpet, underlay, gripper, door bars and fitting from another supplier, as you are requesting from 699 Full House Carpets and also produce a sample of the carpet in question. This must all be provided to 699 Full House Carpets at the start of your home surveyor appointment. Any quotation provided following the sale has been completed, unfortunately will not be honoured through this promotion.